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A Clash of the Titans

June 15th, 2010 No comments

    Well, well, well. First they fuck up the original movie so that you can’t possibly watch it in the cinema and now they’re rushing production for the sequel. Of course, Clash of the Titans earned nearly $490 million world-wide thus making a sequel economically sensible, irresistible even. If you haven’t seen Clash of the Titans already wait for a better cut on Blu-ray or DVD. Want to know why the movie sucks? Head over to and be enlightened!

    As far as the sequel is concerned, it looks like the powers that be are focused on getting the script ready for filming in early 2011. At least they want to shoot the film in 3D instead of trying a post conversion again. Blu-ray + DVD + digital Copy combo of Clash of the Titans will be out on July 27th. According to a sneak preview of The Green Lantern will be included. As if that would help the movie …

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