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A Clash of the Titans

June 15th, 2010 No comments

    Well, well, well. First they fuck up the orig­i­nal movie so that you can’t pos­si­bly watch it in the cin­ema and now they’re rush­ing pro­duc­tion for the sequel. Of course, Clash of the Titans earned nearly $490 mil­lion world-wide thus mak­ing a sequel eco­nom­i­cally sen­si­ble, irre­sistible even. If you haven’t seen Clash of the Titans already wait for a bet­ter cut on Blu-ray or DVD. Want to know why the movie sucks? Head over to and be enlightened!

    As far as the sequel is con­cerned, it looks like the pow­ers that be are focused on get­ting the script ready for film­ing in early 2011. At least they want to shoot the film in 3D instead of try­ing a post con­ver­sion again. Blu-ray + DVD + dig­i­tal Copy combo of Clash of the Titans will be out on July 27th. Accord­ing to a sneak pre­view of The Green Lantern will be included. As if that would help the movie …

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