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How to Con­nect the Sam­sung Galaxy S (I9000) via USB

July 23rd, 2010 Leave a comment

    So, this week I bought the Sam­sung Galaxy S (I9000) so that I too could revel in the Android glory. I did a litte research before buy­ing the phone and in the end I had to make my choice between the HTC Desire and the Sam­sung Galaxy S (I9000). I went for the Galaxy S because of the Super AMOLED, the 8 GB stor­age, and the big­ger screen. Up until an hour ago I liked what I had.

    When I tried to con­nect the phone to the PC to access the SD card though, it didn’t really work. I tried chang­ing a few set­tings and I even installed Sam­sung Kies which didn’t help either. Alright, a chal­lenge then. I set my mind to the task and here’s how I finally man­aged to access the phone’s inter­nal SD card on my PC run­ning Win­dows XP. On Win­dows 7 every­thing just works so there’s no need to install or change any­thing at all.

    1. Install Sam­sungs New PC Stu­dio for the dri­vers (Alter­na­tively, you can try to locate only the dri­vers some­where else on the web).
    2. Go to Set­tings – About phone – USB set­tings and choose Ask on connection.
    3. Go to Set­tings – Appli­ca­tions – Devel­op­ment and turn on USB debugging.
    4. Con­nect the phone via USB, choose Mass stor­age from the menu, slide the noti­fi­ca­tion drawer down and select “Select to copy files to/from your computer”.
    5. Con­firm the popup by press­ing “Mount”.

    Now comes the impor­tant part because this didn’t work the first time.

    1. Dis­con­nect the phone in the noti­fi­ca­tion drawer und dis­con­nect the USB cable.
    2. Go to Set­tings – Appli­ca­tions – Devel­op­ment and turn off USB  debugging.
    3. Con­nect the phone again as out­lined above and now every­thing should work normally.

    That’s how I got my Galaxy S work­ing. Every­thing else I tried did noth­ing at all – and I lit­er­ally searched through lots of forums. As long as there’s a solu­tion I don’t mind. Sure, it sucks big time but at least I didn’t have to con­tact sup­port and wait days or weeks for a solution.

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    1. Tim
      December 31st, 2014 at 14:51 | #1

      THANK YOU !! after all elese failed, this was by far the sim­plest way to do it!!

    2. shibananda sahoo
      February 27th, 2015 at 20:32 | #2

      I didn’t find any­where my usb set­ting in my device GT I9060

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