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It’s So Damn Hard to Buy a Watch!

July 27th, 2013 Leave a comment

    Recently on of my watches broke. It was a cheap Casio analog model, one I wasn’t wearing all too often anyway. Since my older Seiko Kinetic 5J22-0A10 Auto Relay is in great need of service I was left with my trusty old Timex Ironman T5B141 – an analog-digital combo. Unfortunately, the battery powering the analog movement was slowly fading. Looks like Murphy singled me out just to let me know he’s still alive and kicking. Not being concerned too much I just thought, “Let’s buy a new watch.”

    I wanted to buy something similar to my old Ironman, mainly another analog-digital combo for everyday use. Now, I don’t expect all that much from a wrist watch and I don’t want it to do everything. You know, I never cared too much about my watches as long as they did what I expected them to do. With the exception of my Seiko – which is just a ‘simple’ watch – every single one of my watches had at least a stopwatch feature. I’ve grown so used to these type of wrist watches, I simply can’t have one without this function. So, let’s take a look at my minimum requirements:

    • metal bracelet
    • solar powered
    • stopwatch
    • perpetual calendar
    • price: no more than € 400 max

    After a bit of browsing Amazon I realized this wasn’t going to be easy. Firstly, with these requirements I restricted myself to a couple of brands – Casio and Citizen being the most prominent among them. I quickly dismissed analog watches altogether because the watch face almost always looks too crowded. Even if you are lucky enough to get an analog watch featuring something like Casio’s Five Motor Drive technology, switching between functions is a pain in the ass.

    Secondly, who the fuck came up with the idea of a 1/1000-second chronograph on a wrist watch? That is fucking ridiculous! And don’t get me started on measuring capacities of 24 minutes or less. These are highly specialized watches most certainly not qualified for daily wear. I also don’t want a very small digital display or a clunky mountain of a watch. I’d appreciate a G-Shock like the MRG-7600D but it’s just too expensive. Thus, here’s the refined list of requirements:

    • metal bracelet
    • solar powered
    • stopwatch (min. capacity: 12 hrs)
    • perpetual calendar
    • ana-digi combo or purely digital
    • sapphire glass if possible
    • price: no more than € 500 max

    Basically, nobody manufactures a watch I’d buy without a second thought — at least not without dipping significantly deeper into my wallet. This is driving me crazy. Have you ever been in the same situation? If you do have a suggestion, I’d really appreciate it.

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